Those Days

A small try at poetry by me.

I miss the times we laughed together,

Played together, had fun together.

We had the friendship everyone fancied,

A friendship for a lifetime, you had guaranteed.

Too foolish I was to know

That we weren’t that sensible to make a vow.

You turned your back on me.

And the reality of life, I could see.

– Kritika Joshi


Your anger not only makes others feel bad but also harms you. Speaking ill for others while angry can make you regret your words afterwards. Many people have anger issues. They are short-tempered and get angry at things that we think are not even worth caring about. No one likes people who are short-tempered. Their temper makes it difficult for people to converse with them. One is always concious while talking to such a person, choosing words really carefully, not knowing what might make the other person loose their cool.

We should not make any decisions while angry, because when we are angry, we take decisions by taking just that moment in consideration, neglecting the consequences afterwards. When we are mad at something or someone , we should just sit alone and try to cool ourselves. You can do that by distracting yourself by reading a book or watching something funny or by taking long breaths. You should make decisions once you regain your composure.

When we are angry, we say all sorts of things to others to content ourselves without thinking how the other person might feel. We should try not to say something bad or hurting to someone when angry. I know it’s easier said than done. No one is able to control their tongue when angry. But one can atleast remind himself not to say something bad. It will not be easy at first but if you do it everytime you lose your cool, then you will gradually be able to conquer your anger to an extent.

Anger doesn’t solve anything. It builds nothing. But it can destroy everything.

Kritika Joshi

Thank you Covid – 19

Covid -19 period added a lot of things to our lives. One thing it added to my life, for which I am very grateful, is my big fat belly. How handsome I looked in those extra- large size shirts and now I am wearing triple XL that too with so much difficulty. I used to fill my stomach full with food just seven times a day and now I have soft drinks, chips, chocolates and what not the whole day on my couch relaxing and just relaxing. How healthy! My rented room is so big that I cannot even move around in here and I am so brave to step out of my room to exercise that even my groceries are delivered to me by my neighbours which are then quarantined by me at the door for a day
and then I collect all the courage inside me to go near the dangerous groceries to sanitize and use them that I should be given a bravery award for this task.

I have been working from home with a lot of dedication and sincerity. During a meeting, I am so very dedicated to my dreams that I don’t even realise when the meeting got over. And about socializing online, I have become very popular on the internet after one of my dear friend
uploaded a picture of me with the caption ‘#inspiration for fitness during lockdown’. After this post of my friend,
there has been a flood of comments in my appreciation which are so nice to hear that I can’t even share.

This Covid -19 period did a lot of good to me. I am so happy that I am no more in the ‘lazy’ category but in the ‘extremely lazy’ category.

But this period taught me a lot of things too. I learned to cook food for myself. That’s a different thing that I had to throw many frying pans away because they caught fire. I also learned to do household work. I am really grateful to
Covid-19 for teaching me to adapt myself to the situation. It taught me how to find new ways to do things when the normal ways are not applicable. This Covid-19
period taught me and us all to be happy with what we have and to be satisfied with what can be done.

–Kritika Joshi


Trust is something that takes years to build and seconds to break. You start to trust someone a bit after weeks or months of knowing each other. You can’t just put your trust on someone you have just met.

Some people’s trust is broken again and again. This results in trust issues. I myself have experienced this. I have a friend I have known for five years. We used to be best friends. During this lockdown, I thought we had got closer than before. I felt that we were starting to open our minds to each other. But I realised that I was wrong. She started to spend more time with another friend. I didn’t seem to mind that much because I know that I am not her only friend. But soon she started to ignore me. I realised that I was wrong in thinking we were true friends and would always be together. Now, she comes to me when her ‘new bestie’ is not available. This makes me angry and at the same time makes me laugh at how low her self-respect is. She left me as if I was not there anymore and now has no shame coming to me when alone.

She made me realise the reality of life. Now I know that I should not put my trust on someone blindly without knowing their true self. Not trusting someone blindly is good but not trusting anyone at all is bad. This will make you alone and depressed because you won’t share your thoughts with anyone as you feel that they are not trustworthy. Even if you can’t trust someone easily, you should try trusting your parents because most parents won’t want bad for their child. They will try to comfort you and are worth your trust.

–Kritika Joshi

Friendship – A Beautiful Bond

Life has many ups and downs. You have to go through difficult times by yourself. No one can get you out of your troubles but your friends and family can support you and can give you a shoulder to lean on.

But one is not able to share everything with his/her family. There are sometimes when we are afraid they won’t understand us. At such times we look for our friends. We are able to open up more to our friends because we feel that we think alike so can understand each other better.

It’s good to have a big friend circle. But we can’t share everything with all our friends. There is one such person who you feel understands you the most and cares for you the most. That person is your bestie. We share our thoughts with our bestie, those thoughts that we can’t share with anyone else. We create memories together. We support each other during the tough times and share our joys.

A true friend will motivate you to move forward if you are on the right path and will stop you if you step onto the wrong path. He/she will always be there for you and will care for you unconditionally. If you have such a friend then you should cherish him/her and not let go of your friendship. Having such a friend is a blessing. Not everyone is fortunate enough to have such a friend.

The most valuable gift you can receive is an honest friend.

–Kritika Joshi

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